Current reads

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book supposedly will teach us to think different about money and how the handle and invest them. I already read few chapters and it seems really interesting. Mostly because it does not gives you a solution on a silver plate, rather teach you concepts and invite you to use your brain to digest them. Good read.

Useful links:
– Get it in English or Italian;
– RDPD on Goodreads.

The Girl with Seven Names

My life-long passion for Korea drove me to this book. I have been very interested to the Korean peninsula situation from the very first moment I visited Korea the first time back in 2012. As I wait and hope for this DMZ to finally chease to exists, hopefully in my lifetime, I put my hands on any NK-related book I can find. North Korea is definitely on my travel wishlist.

Uselful links:
– Get it in English or Italian;
– TGWSN on Goodreads.

The Umbrella Academy

Can you really consider a comic a book? Not really, but it’s a read nonetheless. I have never consumed many comics, none to be precise but I always liked the idea behind it. Upon watching The Umbrella Academy TV Show by Netflix, I got really curious about the original work behind that story so here we are.
This comic book has few volumes:

  • Volume 1: Apocalypse Suite ✔️
  • Volume 2: Dallas ✔️
  • Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion

Uselful links:
– Get Volume 1 in ENG or ITA;
– Get Volume 2 in ENG or ITA;
– Get Volume 3 in ENG or ITA;
– The Umbrella Academy TV Show on IMDb and;
– Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.